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    Parent Management Training

    PMT is an evidence-based program for children with moderate to severe behavioral difficulties.  PMT is a short-term treatment program which entails caregivers working weekly with a Certified Trainer for 45-50 minutes in-person, online, or on the phone. If weekly treatment doesn’t suit your needs we also conduct intensive treatment (2-4 hour sessions) in-person or via WebEx where you will learn the skills more rapidly. During these sessions you will be trained to effectively deal with negative behavior so that it significantly decreases and more importantly you will learn how to increase positive behavior so that it becomes second nature to your child.

    Please let us help. Too often we see situations that have gotten out of hand, where well meaning parents have tried to get their children the appropriate help and after years of therapists who have never heard of PMT or who don’t use evidence-based treatments, the behavior has often escalated to the point of hospitalization or juvenile detention. We are determined to disseminate this treatment to our colleagues around the world, but in the meantime you deserve treatment that works and so does your child!

    This treatment has been proven over and over again to SIGNIFICANTLY change even the most difficult and challenging behaviors. Whether you are having mild behavioral issues or major behavioral problems we can help.  We provide step-by-step guidance in the effective use of skills that have been shown to change behavior over the long-term.