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  • Ashley Bucci, LCSW-C

    Therapist at Bethesda Counseling Services

    Therapy is one of the best self care activities out there and I believe that self care is the key to living a well balanced life. Therapy allows a person uninterrupted and dedicated time to process their thoughts and emotions in an unbiased environment. Whether you are new or seasoned to the therapy world – I applaud you for making this initial step in taking care of yourself.

    I have been working with Bethesda Counseling Services since March 2018 and specialize in working with adults who are looking for clarity in dealing with life transitions and relationship issues. I also have a passion for working with couples and folks needing infertility or postpartum support. I also have a background working in a school setting and in a behavioral health medical and social service facility.

    My approach allows for a path of treatment that is unique to you and your goals. I work with clients to try and bring the unconscious to the conscious, recognize recurrent relationship patterns, and to try to bring awareness to underlying human behavior, feelings, and emotions.

    When I am not in the therapy room, I enjoy spending time outdoors – in both the mountains and by the ocean. I am also an avid skier, enjoy photography, and love to travel.

    Clinical Degree: Licensed clinical social worker

    Additional Trainings: Human Rights Liaison at DC Office of Human Rights Domestic Violence Advocate at DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence