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  • Anita Alex

    Sometimes we have many thoughts and emotions that are too big to sort through, making it difficult to know what we are feeling sometimes or even how to manage these feelings. The therapy space that I provide is a safe environment where all these thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be explored in many different ways without fear of judgement. My job is to help you identify your goals, manage any symptoms you may have, and be a big supporter of your journey.I take a person-centered approach in I provide an open, calm, and unbiased environment while I help my clients lead me in their own journey in understanding themselves and their relationship with others. As an art therapist, I provide my clients with a chance to be creative but also allow them to express themselves in a nonverbal manner.

    Being a part of the South Asian community, I grew up with the subject of mental health as sort of a taboo topic. Even going into the fields of arts was frowned upon. Yet, here I am, standing today as an Art Therapist, overpowering both of those ideals. My goal is to provide you with the same empowerment and support you in finding your own healing.

    Clinical Degree: Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist (LGPAT) and Masters in Art Therapy