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  • Elham Khazaee Torshizi

    Therapist at Bethesda Counseling Services

    Therapy provides individuals with an opportunity to grow, heal, and gain insight into aspects of themselves that they may have not been able to in the past. I believe that in order for us to be able to open ourselves to the idea of creating change and adopting new behaviors, we must first be able to understand ourselves, our past, our relationships, and the changes we wish to make, on a deeper level. My role as a therapist is to create a safe, calm, and unbiased environment in order to facilitate this process for my clients. I believe that the therapeutic process is a collaborative, supportive, and encouraging one, and I reflect this belief in the therapy room.

    I specialize in working with individuals, couples and families who may need guidance in addressing and resolving their relational issues with their partners, children, and parents, in addition to dealing with family changes and transitions. Furthermore, I help clients overcome and manage their symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and grief. I also enjoy working with multicultural and multiracial families who may be dealing with issues related to raising their children in a multicultural household, or facing challenges related to their relationship stemming from these cultural and racial differences.

    I am bilingual in Farsi and English. While not in the therapy room, I enjoy spending time with my nephews and catching up with my family and friends. I also make the time to write, read, paint and experience something new as often as possible.

    Clinical Degree: Licensed clinical marriage and family therapist

    Additional Trainings: Certified facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH program as well as additional training in play therapy.

    Availability: I am not accepting new clients at this time