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  • Jess Johnson

    I am an ICF-Certified Coach who provides a judgment-free space for you to explore where you are and where you’d like to be. As your coach, I help clarify your goals and values, identify the obstacles holding you back, and aid you in creating a plan to bridge the gap; I will also provide you with accountability to keep you on track.

    During our sessions, we will explore your values, beliefs, and thoughts in a way that will illuminate patterns and themes. Then, we can see what is/isn’t working, and make adjustments to bring more motivation and purpose to your life. Through various life coaching techniques, I will help you define your goals, bring awareness to your unique set of skills, and help you discern which new skills are needed to overcome your obstacles. Typically, coaching brings about a shift in perspective that leads to lasting change long after we’ve concluded our sessions.

    I have the pleasure of working with a diverse array of clients who are journeying through: chronic illness, parenting, life transitions, therapy work, stress management, work/life balance, business/career, and so much more. In a coaching setting, we focus on the present and future, not as much on the past. Therapists tend to dive into the “why” of particular behavioral patterns, seeking understanding, while coaches concentrate on the “how,” assisting individuals in navigating the path toward their goals.

    I take a learner approach when it comes to your journey. I will meet you with empathy and curiosity- always looking to you as the expert of your own life. As someone who is mixed-race (Native American Tsalagi and white), diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, and raising 2 children (one with medical needs and one who is adopted), I understand that you will have a unique perspective. This demands we co-create a customized and contextually-relevant path to growth and progress.

    Apart from my work as a coach, I enjoy reading (mainly fiction thrillers), exploring the area since we recently relocated here, being in nature, and making pottery.

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