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  • Kate Campion

    Owl encouraged his little friend: “Be brave Piglet, a rescue is being thought of.” Issued from high above the flood waters, his words may not have engendered confidence in Piglet. However, as we know, Piglet proved himself brave and a very good friend. Likewise, our little ones store such capacities in themselves.

    Children can become overwhelmed by fears and nervous thoughts, they often begin to realize that others “get” reading easily or can make and keep friends with ease while they only know struggle. Strong emotions take over, they can’t settle into academic tasks, they blurt out, and often they avoid what to them feels arduous and “boring.” On the other hand, children come with innate curiosity, creativity, a kindness and justice compass bigger than their little muscles can carry. Tapping into those built-in reserves with play therapy, art, role playing, and CBT can lead our children to soothe that which plagues them. Calmer, more cooperative, more engaged children emerge from under the weight of their challenges.

    As a child and family therapist who has worked with numerous children over the last 7 years, I have used mindfulness walks in nature, played with figurines, facilitated art activities and focusing exercises to help children find their inner resources. Specifically training in CBT, play therapy, TF-CBT, Orton-Gillingham (as a reading tutor), and many, many years of raising children and accompanying them in childcare and school settings, inform my work. The children I have worked with most recently have struggled with trauma, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, and learning differences.

    I love my work and I love to play. Gathering my family, cooking together, breaking bread with one another, going on hikes, kayaking and laughing around the campfire give me the greatest joy. My five kids are great. My husband and I love knowing the adults they are becoming and watching how they are touching and healing the world.