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  • Richard Crenna

    I strongly believe that effective therapy thrives within a trusting and non-judgmental space, where you’re empowered to freely explore your values, needs, and aspirations. Together, we’ll cultivate an environment where we can delve into past experiences, navigate present challenges, and work towards realizing a more fulfilling life. Approaching our sessions with curiosity and empathy, I aim to foster a nurturing atmosphere where healing and growth flourish within our unique therapeutic relationship.

    My role is to serve as a guide, assisting you in discovering alternative paths that align with your authentic self. We’ll explore the challenges, fears, and moments of feeling “stuck” that you may encounter, all while grounded in a psychodynamic approach. This approach places significant emphasis on uncovering the root causes of symptoms, as I believe that understanding these underlying factors is essential for the healing journey.

    I strive to facilitate introspection and self-awareness, meeting you where you are in your unique process and tailoring interventions to address your specific needs and concerns. Additionally, I believe in gently challenging you when necessary, as this fosters growth and self-awareness throughout our sessions.

    Ultimately, my overarching goal is to cultivate a deep understanding of you as an individual, empowering you to gain insights into yourself and navigate life’s complexities with greater clarity and confidence. I firmly believe that each of us possesses the inner resources needed to resolve our issues, and together we will uncover solutions tailored to fit your individual situation.

    I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and have recently moved to Maryland. I got my BA at the University of California Los Angeles, (Go Bruins!), and my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. In my free time I love being active. I’m an avid cyclist, hiker and need my gym time. I also love road trips and exploring in general. I have a couple of dogs as well who keep me busy. Most importantly, family time is key to me.