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    Talk and Walk Therapy

    Walk and talk therapy is what it sounds like, therapy while walking. It brings in nature, movement and nature all together and allows for clients to regulate their nervous system, be more present and aware of their body and can even accelerate client breakthroughs. It might be especially helpful for clients who exhibit a lot of fidgeting or need to burn that extra energy. Also for those who feel uneasy with keeping direct eye contact and sitting still. It can help decrease the anxiety that a client might be feeling during a session. It’s a great opportunity to practice mindfulness as it gives the client a chance to slow down and notice what is going on right now around them and within them. The focus on walk and talk therapy is not to increase exercise, you set the pace and path that you want and walk side by side. Lastly, as research has shown, nature promotes relaxation and is a natural mood booster.